You've been searching for just the right car, and you think you've finally found it.  It is the right color.  It has the right options.  There is only one problem... you want leather seats, but the car has cloth. 

Not to worry!  Here at Belmont Seat Cover, we can convert the car from cloth to leather upholstery!  And while we're at it, we can also install a seat heater as well.  Not only do you get what you want, but the value of the car will go up.  How can you loose?

Give us a call or drop by to find out what options are available to make your perfect car even more perfect!
"Does it have leather?"
Honda Accord with Katzkin Leather Kit
Toyota Camry with Katzkin Leather Kit
2008 Toyota Prius Seats w/Katzkin Leather Kit
Dodge Ram Truck Seats w/2-Tone Katzkin Leather Kit
Examples of Added Leather...
Subaru Outback with Katzkin Leather Kit
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