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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I think about covering my seats?

A:  Modern car and truck upholstery is usually leather or fabric. Light grays and tans, being the most common, soil easily.  Seat covers protect your investment whether you lease or own the vehicle. The cost of a replacement from the dealer should you stain, rip, or burn a hole in your upholstery is expensive!!!

Q:  I burned a hole in my seat. My lease is up and the dealer wants to charge me $500 when I turn the car in. Can you help?

A: Whether you have cloth or leather upholstery, we can help.  We have access to the original materials that the manufacturer made your seat from. We don’t sprinkle "Magic Dust" on your seat and iron it in. We simply remove your upholstery and replace the bad section.  Your seat is good as new and the cost is very reasonable.

Q: My leather seats are not torn but they are beginning to show their age. What can be done?

A: If the leather is not cracking we can custom make the appropriate color dye to restore your leather interior to like new condition. We use water based products not lacquers so that the leather will still retain its supple feel and texture.

Q: I see that you do convertible tops.  Why should I come to you and not the dealer?

A: Most dealers do not install convertible tops. Convertible top installation takes years to master. Many local dealers will sublet those jobs to us. We purchase directly from the manufacturer and eliminate the dealer in most cases. Our tops are of the best quality and I would challenge anyone to tell them apart from O.E.

Q: I noticed that the ceiling of my car is falling down. Can I spray some glue and stick it back up?

A: No. The headliner is a panel that has foam-backed fabric or in some cases foam-backed vinyl adhered to it. What happens is that in time the heat of the sun breaks down this foam backing and glue will not stick to it. We carefully remove the panel, we strip off all the old material and recover it with new matching material.

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